Thee which means 'Fire' in Malayalam is a song that represents the inner fire or the inner strength of the humans that gets unleashed in different ways.

Original B/W film footage used in the music video is taken from experimental docu-film called Amma Ariyan (Malayalam, 1986, Odessa Collective) by the late legendary avant-garde film maker John Abraham.


Song written and performed by Kaav

Camera – Prashanth Chandran (Gulfu)
Production Control - Sudeep M. N
Production Assistant - Rajan S
Editing - Syam N Pai
Concept - Sandeep Venugopalan and Syam N Pai

Music Production & Mixing - Baiju Dharmajan
Recorded - Liquid Music Studio
Engineered by - Robin Thomas
Mastered by - Ty DeGroff of The Final Sound

A Cochym Production


When Inherited and acquired fears conceived silent quests,
He was abducted by the unseen forces and forbidden thoughts,
That feasted on his insanities.

Fervour of his inner fires kept on increasing,
But he never felt the heat.

He must have seen a flicker either in his distant past or future,
And then it was baptized as a cause so that he could find yet another asylum......

Thee Art



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The Letter


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English Translation

(Dear Mother,

I am uncertain that I will be able to see you again. From that one journey that took me to several far away places, I now feel that I was never aware of being slowly let loose inside a million changes. But I know that you have remained the same and that it's painful to remain so for a long time. You always said that I was more of a dreamer. But every time you said that, I knew there was more that you understood and now there's no more time left to think about it. I don't know where these fires are taking me...

Kaav Thanks

We would like to thank all the people who contributed and helped us to create the video. Cochym. Sathyan of the Odessa Film Society, Prashanth Chandran of Gulfu Photography for his amazing work with the camera. Sudheep and Rajan of the production team for fulfilling all the production requirements within a short time. A special thanks to Moonthamana family for letting us use the house, Baiju Dharmajan for the suggestions and also to Joseph George, Amarnath Praful, Shaji Bhai of Storybox, Thulsi Kakkat and everyone at Liquid Muisic Studio.