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Kaav are the BIGFISH for the month October on

Kaav - BIGFISH-myopusradio

This October, we transport you to a land that is serene... where nature, peace and music are all you need to think about. We transport you there with the music of Kaav, one of India's more recent but more impressive bands. They've achieved so much in such a short span of time, and Myopusradio celebrates all their hard work, and of course, all their lovely music this October....
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Kaav- Rhapsody of Rains review by IndianRockMP3

Kaav - BIGFISH-myopusradio

I first heard Kaav's eponymous EP last year, and instantly liked the sound. The instrumentals of the trio from Kochi’s Vypin Island had an almost irreverent, forget-the-rest-of-the-world-we-have-our-own-space feel about it. The songs were not rushed... read complete reviewhere.


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Rhapsody of Rains - CD's now available on Flipkart!

Rhapsody of Rains CD's now available on for Rs. 200 only.

Purchse 'Rhapsody of Rains' CD's on Flipkart here:

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Digital version of 'Kaav EP' released through

Kaav's 2010 E.P now available for purchase ( in Indian Rupees) on
OK . Each song costs Rs. 15 and the whole E.P Costs Rs.40!

Purchse Kaav EP here:

Purchase Kaav EP on Ok-Listen Ok--Listen


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Kaav - Rhapsody of Rains review by IMR

IMRThe unique signature Kaav leaves behind in its music is the sometimes groovy-sometimes gloomy Folk-inspired leads (on "Kaalichan", "Thee" and "Rhapsody Of Rains") thrown in together with time signatures alternating on Progressive Rock, Jazz and Blues inspired jams. This record is a real story-teller if you've got a patient ear.e .... read more ...


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Kaav Featuered on Indian Express - Delhi Edition!

Vypin Island in Kochi is not known for independent music. Kaav, a three member outfit is busy changing just more.


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The Score Magazine reviews Rhapsody of Rains!

Score magazine reviewd Kaav's debut album 'Rhapsody of Rains'. Read the reviews on the e-magzine below. Turn to page 20-21.


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'Rhapsody of Rains' now availible on CD in India through Purchase album here:

Kaav's debut solo album 'Rhapsody of Rains' now available on CD. Purchase in India for Rs.200/- , through online store

Purchse Kaav's 'Rhapsody of Rains' CD's here:

Rhapsody of Rains infibeam



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Kaav featuered on Deccan Chronicle


Kaav: The native sound

They’re from God’s Own Country, and their music is confidently fluid and earthy, almost pleasantly reminiscence of the very place. Kaav has launched its debut album, Rhapsody of Rains. “People who’ve appreciated our self titled EP, Kaav, often tell us that it sounded like an unfinished story. Rhapsody of Rains is a completion to that story,” says Syam, the more here


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Kaav are ''THE ARTIST OF THE MONTH' for July on


Kaav featuered as Artist of The Month on . Read the interview here


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Kaav on BC Radio


Listen to Kaav on BC Radio. Kaav's latest single 'Thee' from the album 'Rhapsody of Rains' isexclusively streaming on BC Radio

Browse through the progressive station at BC Radio to listen to the songs.


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Kaav - 'Thee' review by TOP5 RECORDS


Kaav: “Thee”

Kaav, Kerala’s own three-piece instrumental band, makes me truly excited to be a music listener in India today. In an industry where Indian-influenced rock has little real identity, Syam Pai (guitars) Shabeer Ali (bass) and Arun Kumar (drums) manage to stand out. It’s not difficult to imagine the group lying around on Vypin island on a stormy Sunday afternoon, making musical magic against the background of Kerala’s heavenly atmosphere. To witness this magic, look no further than “Thee,” a single from Kaav’s latest aptly named album Raphsody of Rains (produced with the help of Indian legend Baiju Dharmajan and Cochym Records).... read more here


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Purchase Kaav albums on cdbaby and amazon!

In Stores Now

Kaav's debut album 'Rhapsody of Rains' (2012) and Kaav's EP (2010) are now available for purchase in online stores such as cdbaby, amazon and etc. Both albums will be shortly available in iTunes and Spotify etc. Both CD and digital editions of 'Rhapsody of Rains' will be released in India (in Indian Rupees) soon. More updates on that will be announced later this week.

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Rhapsody of Rains Released


We are delighted to announce that Kaav's debut album 'Rhapsody of Rains' released worldwide today through cdbaby. 'Rhapsody of Rains' will be also available shortly in online stores, such as iTunes, amazon and spotify etc. Both CD and digital editions will be released in India (in Indian Rupees) soon. More updates on that will be announced later this week.

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Kaav - Rhapsody of Rains PRESS RELEASE

LONDON, June 04 **FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**Record label, Cochym has set a June 20th release date for international digital release of Kaav's debut album ' Rhapsody of Rains'.

Rhapsody of Rains' will be available for both digital and physical purchase. Cochym has partnered with the leading digital distributors CD baby for the worldwide digital distribution of album and it's singles through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and host of other online Music Shops. The CD's are being made available for purchase in India, through their distribution partner Flipkart.

Kaav's debut album ‘Rhapsody of Rains consisting of eight songs is an attempt by the band to further its musical expeditions into more progressive terrains while still retaining its indigenous roots as well as diverse influences. Recorded at ‘Liquid Music Studio’ based in Kochi, the album is produced and mixed by Baiju Dharmajan and mastered by Ty Degroff of ‘The Final Sound’.  The album cover features photograph by Thulasi Kakkat.


Rhapsody of Rains Art


Kaav comprised of Syam N Pai on Guitars, Shabeer  P Ali  on Bass & Arun S Kumar on Drums is highly rated band who has emerged as a force to be reckoned with their self titled E.P Kaav, 2010. This E.P was voted as the best E.P of the year 2010 by online indie music magazine indiecison ( and had received raving reviews in various leading national newspapers and other medium. The Song ‘Daya’ was also featured in Coldplay’s website.

 As pre-empt to the album launch, the first single ‘Thee’ hit the air waves in April and the music video was also released on YouTube. The video is a tribute to the Avant Grande film makerJohn Abraham's cult Malayalam movie ' Amma Ariyaqn.

Album Details

ALBUM : Rhapsody of Rains
PRODUCED BY : Baiju Dharmajan
RELEASED : June 2012
RECORDED : Liquid Music Studio, Kochi (April 2011)
ENGINEERED BY : Robin Thomas & Joby A.Y
MIXED BY : Baiju Dharmajan & Kaav
PHOTOGRAPHY (Cover) : Thulasi Kakkat
PHOTOGRAPHY (Band) : Prashanth Chandran (Gulfu)

A compete track listing of the album reads as follows:

1. Āadi : 3.43
2. Fears Mysteries : 6.12
3. Kaalichan : 10.34    
4. Thee : 6.49
5. Sulthan :8.43
6. Rhapsody of Rains : 6.25
7. Vida : 5.31
8. Tripping Shanthi : 4.31
All music written by Kaav


Syam N Pai – Electric and Acoustic guitars
Shabeer P Ali – Bass guitar, Voice on 'Sulthan'
Arun S Kumar – Drums

Guest Artists

Baiju Dharmajan – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals on 'Vida', Percussion on 'Fears Mysteries', 'Vida', &'Sulthan'.
Ahana Baiju – Backing Vocals on 'Vida' and 'Kaalichan'
Sukhu – Backing Vocals and Aalaap on 'Kaalichan'
Manoj Abraham – Voice on 'Kaalichan'
Joby A.Y - Voice on 'Vida'
Thulasi Kakkat – Words for 'Kaalichan'
Note: FX on 'Thee' taken from the Malayalam movie 'Amma Ariyaan' by John Abraham, FX (Pandi Melam) on 'Kalichan' taken from live recording of Pandi Melam by Peruvanam Kuttan Marar and group at Trissur Pooram.



20-May-2012 1:34 PM

Kaav to release its debut album - The Hindu


Basking in the success of their latest song, Thee (fire), the Vypeen-based three-piece instrumental band Kaav is all set to release its debut album in more...



03-May-2012 5:45 PM

Watch: ‘Thee’ – Kaav -

NH7.inThe Kochi prog-rockers release a video featuring footage from an experimental documentary drama film, for their song ‘Thee’ more...





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'Thee' single review by MusicDip

musicdipThee review by Music more...






22-March-2012 5:40 PM

Kaav's tribute to the legend - Deccan Chronicle


Kaav, the popular Kochi band which has been creating waves with its lovely instrumentals is once again in the limelight with its debut album Rhapsody of Rains which will have the number Thee as its more...



12-Feb-2012 3:55 PM

'Thee' single review by Score Magazine


Kaav probably have a more transient and contemporary take on fame, juxtaposing their growing stature as musicians against the relative obscurity of their home in Vypin Island, Kochi, Kerala. It's, after all, exactly these picturesque tumults of life by the sea that has helped shape their three man sound, already tipped for bigger and better more...